Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tim and Ralynne

We had the fun opportunity of going to one of Rich's good friends wedding reception tonight. Ralynne is Samoan and what a beautiful girl she is and a beautiful bride. Tim was just glowing and he has blonde hair and fair skin. They are going to have some wonderful looking kids! The wedding was in traditional Samoan style and was alot of fun.

We had a luau for dinner and right before the dinner was the Samoan tradition of the bride and groom walking down the aisle together again to their spot at the head of the dinner table. The table was a long one set right in the front of the reception hall. The stage was behind Tim and Ralynne (reception was at their Ward chapel meeting house). The stage was decorated in Samoan style and had a wonderful, colorful background.

After the dinner, there was a polynesian dancing group that performed. Ralynne is a part of this dancing group and I wish I knew how to spell the name. Sounded out it is Saka but I know that I am spelling it wrong. The bride took to the stage with her sisters and bridesmaids for the traditional wedding dance. She was such a lovely sight to see in her wedding dress dancing the Samoan dance. Wish I had brought my camera. After she danced, the dancing group came on and performed. They performed dances from Samoa, Tonga and Hawaii and announced each dance before it was performed. Camryn and Colton were up and out of there seats imitating the men and women dancers. The both wanted to know how the girls could shake their grass skirts so fast-me too:)

The highlight was when Ralynne went back on stage with her group to perform a solo. Tim came up and just pretended he knew what he was doing as she did not tell him he was going up there!! She had him lay face down on the floor and then she danced on his back. That part was hilarious. I do not know if it symbolizes anything or if she was just playing around with him. The samoans were screaming loudly when she took the stage. My kids loved it as they screamed right along with them.

It was fun for Rich and I as we had one of our reception's at this same ward building 15 years ago come January 7, 2009. Rich's aunt decorated for it and went all out. I was stunned when I walked in and saw how beautiful it was. There were carosel horses, flowers everywhere, an archway with a swing and a profile portrait of Rich and I (Rich's grandma had drawn them by hand). We had a beautiful reception in Virginia too at the Montclair lake Clubhouse. It was all windows and we had the entire room lit up with candles. It was such a gorgeous room that we did not have to do much decorating and looked so wonderful with how simple we decorated it. We let the natural beauty of the lake and all the glass and candles do the work.

We are very happy for Tim and his new bride as we have been friends of his before his mission, thru his mission and when he came home 2 years ago. It was a fantastic evening and right during the holiday season!


Tink December 20, 2008 at 9:26 PM  

What great fun! The Polynesians know how to celebrate. How fun to be at the same place where you had your reception! Memories!

Mom of E-Squared December 21, 2008 at 7:05 AM  

You left out the super poke :'( but sounds like fun and I bet that the dance on the back has meaning everything in Polynesian dancing has meaning

rich and steph December 21, 2008 at 2:14 PM  

I did leave out the superpoke_sorry. My hubby was yelling at me to get off the computer so I was typing as fast as I could.