Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Devotional and Luke 2

I once again could not figure out how to put the videos next to my post. Mary, I need one of your teenagers please:) I posted President Thomas S. Monson's Christmas address at the devotional on Sunday night. I have always loved his stories and the fact that he was bishop at 30 years old. He took under his wing a group of Widows in his ward and has dropped by, sent packages and spoken at all the funerals thus far. What a wise and humble man we have to be the Prophet of our church. I was so sad when President Hinckley died and I thought to myself "who could fill his shoes?" He was my prophet for most of my young adult, newly married and baby stage of life. He also showed how to really love a spouse and was heartbroken when his sweetheart passed away before him.

I realized that President Monson does not need to fill anyone's shoes. He receives direct revelation from Jesus himself and as I watched the devotional I could literally see the prophet's mantle resting on his shoulders. He still watches after those widows to this day and he tells a cute story of one of the widows wanting him to recite poetry at her funeral. She said he did a great job but she really wanted 2 verses so he better start practicing!!

I also posted the short film aptly named Luke 2. This one has singing over the background which the original does not. It makes me realize what life was like when Jesus was born and the complete love his mother had for him. It was very simple times and Mary did not have a hospital to go to or any type of pain med. Now that is labor the hard way!! I also love how Joseph accepts him as his own flesh and blood even though he is the son of God.

The video clips are at the bottom so take the time to enjoy them and be spiritually fed on this Christmas season!


Tink December 9, 2008 at 10:11 AM  

Thank you for sharing! I love such uplifting movies clips! I loved President Hinckley. I REALLY miss him. President Monson is such an incredible example of service. You're awesome. Have a great day.

Mom of E-Squared December 9, 2008 at 5:47 PM  

As I was reading your post about Luke 2 I remembered a friend of mine collects nativity sets, she has one that is so Beautiful, it is simply Joseph, Mary and the babe. but they are stopped on the side of the road resting. Joseph is sitting on the ground and leaning against a rock Mary beside him asleep and in Joseph's arm is the Christ Child, he is looking into his face. Every time I see it or think of it it brings tears to my eyes. It has made me look at Joseph with different eyes.