Thursday, March 11, 2010

Valentine's Baby

This was my best Valentine's gift in the world. Dylan Austin was born at 2:14 pm on 02/14/2000. I wanted to have a millennium baby so that I would never forget his age:) After 3 weeks of bedrest (and going crazy with two other little ones) he was born 3 weeks early weighing 6 lbs 4oz. What a cutie he was with his peach fuzz on top of his head and a great set of lungs. He was hospitalized for 4 days following his birth due to jaundice. I have type O blood and he has type A blood, thus I transfer over antibodies at birth which broke down his blood cells and caused jaundice (called ABO incompatibility). He got to stay in the NICU and wear cool shades while he was under the baking lamps.
He is my child that loves to give me hugs and is very affectionate. Now that he is 10, he is a rock solid kid and if he gives me a running hug it knocks me over! He is quiet at school - he loves to take out a book and read it when he is really supposed to be doing math or something else. Thankfully he does this after he has completed his other work! He is the king of one word answers. Just ask my mom and dad! At home, he is not so quiet... He is such a fun child to have and I am so glad my Heavenly Father trusted me and my husband to raise him.