Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lindsey Ward Party

We had our annual Ward Christmas Party tonight and it was a blast. Lots of good food, fun and entertainment was had by all. I will take a few minutes and describe the picutes I took of the entertainment. The above group is the Mesa Highlander Bagpipes, Drumcorp and Dancers. I have known Marissa ( on the far right and her mom, right behing her) for 8 years. In fact Christy and her husband, David met while drumming in this group together. Marissa is one of the dancers for the Highland group and is awesome plus she is in my primary class!

Cathy and Michael Bowden are just one of those rare couples your meet that you fall in love with. Cathy used to live very close to me when we lived in Homestead 2. Now we live 2 miles from there! Cathy did not know I was taking her picuture but her hubby did and I caught him with the flash-oops. She and 3 other friends came to my rescue when I was put on bedrest with Colton (# 4 boy). They arranged amongst themselves to bring in meals 3 times a week. I have to say I loved the Bowden meals as Michael is a professional chef-the food was always delicious and 5 star in my book!!

Here is another shot of the Mesa Highlander bagpipes and drumline. Chisty is 3rd from the left and boy can she twirl those drum sticks and drum at the same time!!

Herre arre my 3 boys taking part in the primary manager scene. Darin was Joseph and boy does he look bored!! Dylan has his usual look on his face and Colton is in yellow and just beaming. Leave it to him to just have fun and savor the moment.

Brandon is officially out of primary. He did not want his picture taken but Cathy B0wden was sitting right behind him and kicked him in the rear per my request. She has 3 boys so she knows the trials it can be to get a picture taken!!! Geez, I let him leave his precious hat on:)

Here is a favorite picture of Camryn and Dad. Dad was catching a kiss and Camryn was flasing the surf's up dude sign. My 2 cutie pies:)

Camryn wanted her hair in rollers before we left. Her hair does not hold a curl but she is sure wishing she would have a beautiful mane of curls. It turned out cute anyways and mom had fun finally messing with her hair.

It was a great program and a fun party. Neighbors, friends and members alike came out and all had fun and partook of a great time. Our new ward is officially a year old and it finally feels like home and somewhere we love to be:) A Big shout out to the activities committee for pulling it all together and setting up extra chairs and tables as more and more people arrived. Can't wait for next years!!


Mom of E-Squared December 7, 2008 at 7:02 AM  

Cute pictures. Our Party is next Saturday. I'll see if I remember to take my camera, I forgot to take it to Elisabeth's Holiday program at school. I noticed Brandon in his close-up shot that he looks a lot like you from a younger age.

Elisabeth had the same face as Darin during our Fall Primary Program. She has one more year, the as she says "I'm out of here!!!!!"