Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snowball can be cold?

We own a purebred white Maltese. I am typically a big dog owner and never imagined myself with a small "yip yap" dog. However, a year ago our beloved black lab died of cancer. My Kids and I had a big whole in our heart when Buster died. In fact, if you come to our house you would still be able to see a beautiful cherry wood box with his ashes in it. Some people get freaked out by it, but it is what the kids and I wanted to do with Buster. Anyway, our good friends, the Nussbaums had just had a new litter of Maltese puppies. Of course Todd and Theresa had to bring them over to show us the litter and the rest is history:)

This bottom picture is what Snowball is supposed to look like, snowy white and long fur. It is nice as he has hypoallergenic hair (he does not shed) so he typically is less messy. However, his beautiful coat has become so mangled and matted. I tried different shampoos, creme rinses, brushing, etc. I typically take him in to be groomed but I was too embarrassed this time as his coat was such a mess. I had a great idea-I would cut his hair myself!! So armed with clippers and scissors I proceeded to shave the poor little guy bald:( This was not my original intent but is what happened when these tools get in the wrong hands-mine! He now has to wear a sweater and the top picture is Darin keeping him warm with a blanket. My sweet hubby came home and asked why I did not put a guard on the clippers. Of course, my question was "what is a guard?" No wonder he is scalped!! The next grooming session, which should be a few months from now based on the hairless dog, will be supervised by my husband. Poor Snowball!


Mom of E-Squared December 2, 2008 at 10:46 AM  

That is funny. My grandmother had West Highland White Terriers, every summer she decided that they where to hot and would shave them, they look just like your snowball. Granny also had a wading pool out back for her Westies to keep cool in.

Erin December 2, 2008 at 10:50 AM  

Oh man! At least dog hair grows back. And he will look pretty cute with doggie sweaters. You'll have to find a cute Christmas one!

Tink December 2, 2008 at 12:55 PM  

Haha! Thank goodness for dog sweaters! I love malteses. They are adorable. Sorry to hear about your lab. I would LOVE a dog that didn't shed but unfortunately I have 2 beagles.