Wednesday, December 3, 2008

43 years young

Today is Rich's 43rd birthday. Happy birthday honey!! I am going to try Mary's idea of using 43 great things about the birthday boy:)

  1. He is a great husband to 5 rambunctious kids.

  2. He married me-that was taking a big chance!!

  3. He loves to laugh.

  4. He is truly the head of our home.

  5. He honors his priesthood.

  6. He attends the temple with me and is worthy to do so.

  7. He attended all of the kids births and even cut all the cords even though he was quesy the first time.

  8. He has coached the kids in any sport they have done.

  9. His favorite is being the baseball coach.

  10. He has spent countless hours volunteering to be the baseball coach.

  11. He has pitching clinics for any of the kids who want to learn to pitch.

  12. He is open to having any kid play any position-you don't find that with too many coaches!

  13. He and the kids love to play football out in the front street of our house.

  14. He will do any chore for his parents and will cut their lawn any time they need it.

  15. He once painted the whole outside of his parent's house when I was pregnant with Darin.

  16. He picks his parents citrus trees for them every year.

  17. He hangs our christmas lights for us every year without complaint-and I am thankful he has not fallen off the roof yet;)

  18. He mops the floor with the boys every weekend-I love this!!!

  19. He and the boys do the dishes every night. I just have to cook.

  20. He helps vacuum the floor.

  21. He even helps put away the laundry-that is a huge chore around this house:)

  22. He makes the outside of our house look great every weekend.

  23. He can fall asleep in 5 seconds flat-how come I can't do that?

  24. The boys love to play him in speed and Rich sometimes wins.

  25. They also love to play him in MLB slugfest 2003-any guesses who wins this one?

  26. We have gotten him to play guitar hero and I have beat him-haha!

  27. He has the best smile.

  28. He takes longer to dry his hair then I do and his hair is shorter-love ya honey!!

  29. He is ticklish and I only know the right spot.

  30. His favorite game to play with the younger 2 kids is "dad has the bees" and he tickles them.

  31. He plays the best hide and seek and lets the kids find him by yelling out "bouka" so they can find him.

  32. He gave in to his wife and 5 kids and let us get our precious underwear eating maltese, Snowball.

  33. He likes to take multiple showers and baths a day. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

  34. He will wrestle with the kids and let them win.

  35. He likes to go to his best friends house, Todd Nussbaum, and they spend hours there just talking. Thank goodness he takes the kids with him.

  36. The boys love the fact he lets them get "tons" of christmas presents.

  37. He likes to play catch with the boys in the front street-no broken windows yet.

  38. I can always count on him to keep the cars running and clean.

  39. His favorite pasttime is to play golf.

  40. His favorite thing to watch on TV is football.

  41. He has his dream job of being the controller at the ASU Karsten Golf Course as the controller. He hits range balls on his lunch break.

  42. He gets everyone together for scripture reading everynight.

  43. I am still 3 years younger than you sweetie. We love you and our family would not be the same without you:)


Erin December 3, 2008 at 1:54 PM  

I wish I could fall asleep that fast too!

And I am jealous of citrus trees. I don't think I've ever eating a citrus fruit straight off of a tree.

Mom of E-Squared December 3, 2008 at 3:52 PM  

I can tell you that all men that I have known can fall asleep fast. My belief is that they have an off switch and unfortunately Heavenly father forgot to install it in ours. Just kidding, but not about the switch, I really believe that.

rich and steph December 3, 2008 at 5:25 PM  

I never ate citrus off the tree til I moved to AZ. Now we have lemon, ruby red grapefruit and tangeloes in my backyard. Rich's parents have lemons and tangerines-yummy!