Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

2009 has been a year of ups and downs, as I imagine it has been for everyone! Thankfully, Rich and I still have our jobs and are employed full time. I know of so many families out there who are looking for employment and my heart and my prayers go out to you. Even in their time of need, these sweet friends I think of still continue to serve and strengthen our family. They are truly people I look up to (one has a most awesome blog - I need to ask her for tips how to make mine look as cool as hers!)
We are surviving the teenage years with a son who is 14 and taller than both his mom and dad. He is our "breaking in" child as he is the oldest. I often times think he must have volunteered for this in heaven as being the oldest cannot be easy. Everyone expects more out of you, expects you to set the example and never have a meltdown! Just think, I only have 4 more to go thru this with!
We were blessed by my Mom and Dad to go on a great family reunion to Pagosa Springs, Colorado this summer (Rich had to stay and work - that was a bummer!) The kids had a great time with cousins, aunts and uncles and of course Grandpa Dexter and Grandma:) My younger two ask every day when we are going again today. After a 9 hour car trip driving the 5 monkies by myself, I informed them it was going to be a looong time!
My youngest is going to turn 5 in January and that means kindergarten next year!! I cannot believe I have reached that stage where all my kids will be in school. Brandon is a freshman now and it just seems like he was my cute 2 year old running around. Darin is going to turn 12 in 2010 and will receive the Aaronic priesthood. It is going to be wonderful to have 3 priesthood holders in our home.
It has also been a year of tests and trials. Some of the trials I thought we would never have to go thru, but thankfully we are starting to see the reason why for them (even though I still grumble at times about this certain trial and ask "why me?!") Guess Heavenly Father just needed to really beat this one into my obstinate head and I am going to just have to keep looking for those lessons I am supposed to be learning.
I am so thankful for my immediate little family and my extended family. It is so wonderful to know that I can call up my mom, dad, brothers and sisters - in - laws and vent and bounce ideas off of them. Sometimes it is nice to get a new perspective on things and I think I wear my husband out by constantly crying to him.
I was released from the Primary this year after being in there for 10 years. I miss my primary kids and I miss singing time!! So far I do not have a calling in our church, so I am trying to lay low and not remind them. I am enjoying the time off from it!
2010 promises to hold many new and exciting things. More dance lessons and plenty of baseball games with 4 boys playing in league baseball this spring.
Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!

Christmas Day

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Little bit late with the photos but I was trying to figure out the new camera. We all had a wonderful day and the kids were so excited to help each other out with their gifts and actually played nicely together. Now to put all the stuff up.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Preschool Christmas Program

Camryn is my youngest child and the last one to attend Mrs. Billing's preschool. My oldest did not attend as a group of mothers did Mommy School. A dear friend told me about Mrs. Billing's preschool for my next child, Darin. All of the rest of my kids have attended her preschool.

Every year she puts on a Christmas program with the children. So fun to watch them perform the Christmas story and sing songs. I did not get a video camera until last year, so unfortunately I was not able to video tape the others.

Camryn played Mary this year and she loved it! She also is the redheaded girl singing in the christmas songs. She is like her older brother, Darin, and likes to perform and ham it up for any video opportunity. Now if that particular talent could only earn them some money........then Rich and I could retire:)

Does anyone know how to get the popup ads from underlining key words in my post?! I do not know how to make them stop.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Secret Santa

We woke up last Tuesday with a Chistmas card on out front door. I love receiving Christmas cards and seeing what my friends and family are up.
I opened the card just expecting to see Christmas greetings (which would have been great!) Instead someone put $200 dollars in the card and an $100 dollar gift certificate to Toys R Us. In some ways I feel guilty as I know there are so many people that are more deserving and in need of it. I have been the recipient of Christmas presents being delivered to our house 5 years ago, when Rich lost his job 2 weeks before Christmas and I was 8 months pregnant with my last child. I felt the same way then, that someone else must be needier and could benefit from it. I cried both times that someone had thought of our family and showed great love for us.
My family did a secret santa for a friend a few years ago. Her husband was out of work and she was frantically searching for a job. It was the best feeling in the world to be the giver of the Christmas gifts!
For now, I will just take this kindness and blessing and be thankful. I have already made a goal that next year I will do the same for someone else. I am a big believer that it is better to give than to receive!!
On a side note, our sunday school teacher made an awesome point about gift giving. He said often times our families just need our time and that is the greatest gift of all. I am going to try to keep this in my life this next year. The housework can wait just a little bit longer so I can give the gift of time.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

P1100127 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

P1100127 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This picture is from our work Christmas Party we had the first week of December. I cannot figure out how to just get the picture off Flickr as a friend took them and put them on this website. The party was lots of fun, awesome food and so fun to see everyone dressed up instead of wearing scrubs. It was also fun to just go out as adults and no kids:)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Songs

My daughter is cracking me up right now. She is standing outside, singing Christmas carols at the top of her lungs, waiting for her brothers to come home from school. I sure hope the neighbors enjoyed the free concert as I know the neighborhood had to have heard it. Anything to embarrass her brothers!! I do believe that is her goal in life at the moment.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

4 year old dance recital

Is there anything cuter than watching a group of 3-4 year olds dance in their recital? I am very blessed to have a great friend that runs Miss Beverly's dance loft out of her house. She has a master's in dance and still currently performs with a group called Conder (which I believe is a mixture of modern dance, ballet and movement - in other words I need to go watch Bev perform!! She has the patience of a saint with her classes and the girls learn so much for her. She has been a sweetheart and let me exchange helping sewing with the costumes in exchange for the lessons- I love having great friends!! I also have to say that she has had 4 kids (oldest is 12 and youngest is 4) and she looks like she never had them!

Hard here to tell who my daughter is. When the group finally sits in line on the floor, she is the one who spins around first. She also has a bun in the back of her head - not on top. The whole group is just so much fun to watch!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Orchestra Concert

Darin performed in his 6th grade orchestra. He is right behind the music stand, in front of the conductor. The piece performed here was "Believe" and I think they did awesome!!

This piece is a Christmas melody. Darin changed from the violin to cello and has done a great job!

This is Silver B ells. Enjoy and I hope this helps bring the Christmas spirit!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

ER trip

Brandon started complaining his stomache hurt about midnight last night. I was tired and gave him some medicine. About an hour later, I could hear sobbing in his room. He was rolling around in pain. Me , being the oh so clever nurse, said "just try different positions and see if that will work." After about 20 minutes of this, his pain was much worse. So I loaded him up and headed off for the ER. Thankfully no one else was in there at 1 am. They got his iv hooked up, gave him some pain medication and he started to get some relief. They said his white count was slightly elevated but that the CT scan of the appendix looked good. The doctor then followed this with the news that sometimes appendicitis is misdiagnosed in the early stages. So I will be keeping a close eye on him today and praying that it is just a GI bug (which the doctors said could cause all this pain too). Does not matter how old your child is, you always worry and feel overprotective when something happens to them.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stinky Smoky House

So what happens when your child puts an enchilada in the microwave for 8 minutes??
A stinky, smelly smoke filled house!! He swears he read the directions.
However, the directions said heat in the oven for 8 minutes. Needless to say the plate was put in the garbage, all the windows have been opened. Does Febreeze work??? Heck no!!!
I have the worst headache from the smell - so Rich and I went to see New Moon. Good excuse!
Any suggestions to take the smell out of the house? Everything stinks - curtains, couches, clothes, etc. Won't we smell lovely at 8 am church tomorrow!! Still love my Dylan though - now to teach him the distinction between microwave and oven:)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mad Hula Hooping Skills and Hip action

Colton and his hula hooping buddy
I could just go on for hours!

Where does this boy get his hip action and mad hula hooping skills? I had no clue he could do this until I went to the turkey trot this afternoon. He seriously hula hooped for 10 minutes and only stopped because it was time to go in for class. He told me he does this every day at recess with his best friend (top picture). Too bad there is not a "Hula Hooping With the Stars" - my Colton would rock the competition!!

Turkey Trot

Our elementary school holds a Turkey Trot the day before Thanksgiving. The parents are encouraged to come trot around the field with their children. I am now on my fourth child participating. I went to the elementary school 3 seperate times to make sure that I was there for each of the 3 children I have that are participating (Brandon is a freshman so I suppose Turkey Trots are above them:))

It was such fun to watch the teachers, parents and siblings run after the turkey (not real, our friend Bill, dressed up in a turkey suit). Although it would have been kind of funny to watch them run after a real turkey..........or maybe not! Dylan (9) ran 2 times around the field and was outlapped by his teacher. Darin (11) ran once around and then decided to walk ( I think it has something to do with being in 6th grade and the cool factor). Colton (6) ran all 3 times around the field (3/4 of a mile) without breaking a sweat!! And don't ask what was up with his hair - he somehow snuck out of the house without one of his parents combing it! Camryn and I - well let's just say Colton outdid us.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Video 4

Singing at Mrs. Billings preschool program.

Preschool Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving Program at Mrs. Billings preschool.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon

Release at midnight of New Moon tonight!! I have to work so I will miss out on the screaming teens at midnight showing.
I did talk Rich into seeing it with me next Friday - that was part of the agreement of me seeing "This is IT" by Michael Jackson. I did love listening to his songs and watching the rehearsal. He was a perfectionist but was so kind to others when he was correcting them during the singing, cues, dancing, etc. It would have been an awesome concert to attend. Rich sang throughout most of the movie and has been practicing his moonwalk at home:) Camryn just keeps telling him to "knock it off Daddy!"
Cannot wait until next Friday to go see New Moon!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Couple Missionaries

We had a wonderful talk today by a couple in our stake who just returned from a mission in San Juan. They had set a goal to go on a mission when their youngest boy went on his mission. Sister Bost spoke of health problems she had before going and how they felt insurmountable to her and she told her husband "forget it, I just cannot do it!" Her husband gave her a blessing and promised her that they would find treatments for her medical conditions so that they would be able to serve. And guess what? Treatments were found and they were able to fulfill a one year mission.

Sister Bost also made mention of the way the deacons sat in the 2 rows so reverently 10 minutes before church started (trust me, I taught this age group in primary before they turned 12 and I know how hard it is for them to be reverent!) We have a total of 15 deacons right now, so for all of them to be reverent and in their seats is amazing.

The young men and young women sang a beautiful song today. It brought great joy to my heart to see my son standing up there with all the youth (I think I counted 60 up there) and singing such a tender song. I remember being that age and growing up in Virginia. I think there was maybe 20 (give or take a few) of young men and women. We had a very tight knit group and it was such fun to become such good friends with them. Hopefully we were able to do missionary work in our area in Virginia by living the gospel, setting an example, and inviting nonmember friends to our "Mormon" parties. We even had some nonmember friends come to early morning seminary all 4 years - now that takes commitment from someone not knowing what our church is about or even just being there at 6 am! It just amazes me that my children can be surrounded by so many members. I do hope they realize what a blessing this is and to not take it for granted.

The talks this morning inspired me to start thinking about serving a mission when I am older. I was going to go on one when I was 21, but met my now husband and was married instead (even though that took 4 years - a whole other story). I am grateful for those who have served and for them setting the example for the rest of us.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I video taped this and my 11 year old added the comments. I tried to figure out how to do it, but leave it to the kids to figure it out! He also tried to add music but that did not work - I think he was just trying to cut out my commentary:) You notice he is doing this with a broken hand. Kids - you just cannot stop them from having fun!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Phoenix Zoo

Today we went to the Phoenix Zoo for Veteran's day (the kids were out of school). And wouldn't you know it? My camera battery went dead and I think all of Phoenix was at the Zoo!! I have not seen that many people there except for Boo at the Zoo or Zoolights. It was crazy.

We took Brandon's friend, Daniel, and Dylan's friend, Carter, along with my 5 kids. I now have a feeling what my friend, Mary, with 10 kids must go thru for each outing she goes on! I was continually counting heads and trying to make sure that Dylan and Carter did not get lost. Those 2 had a tendency to hang out at every exhibit until I had to physically go back and get them. At least they had fun and were actually reading about the animals:)

There was a new exhibit called the Komodo Dragon exhibit. They were awesome!! I would not want to run into one of those in the wild. They inhabit a small island close to Australia and New Zealand (as well as a bunch of little islands that I cannot remember). My son did try to take a video of them, so hopefully that will turn out.

Hope everyone had a great Veteran's Day and thanks to all those who served or who are now serving in our armed forces:)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pioneer Heritage

We are finally getting a new Stake Center after sharing with our old stake for the past 2 years. There was a ground breaking ceremony yesterday that was attended by over 1000 members (and that is just from our wards in our small stake boundaries!) At the youth conference this past summer, all the youth were able to write their testimonies on a tablet. This tablet is going to be the cornerstone of one of the buildings on the grounds. Brandon was able to go to this youth conference (he was able to attend even though he not quite yet turned 14). How exciting that his testimony will forever be a part of this Stake Center!!

One of the neatest parts of where the Stake Center is has to do with Arizona's pioneer heritage. Many parts of Arizona were settled by Mormons (one of them is my husband's great great grandfather, John D Lee). Right by where the driveway is going to be (I think I have this part right!) is where the pioneers crossed when coming to settle Mesa. It will be a reminder every Sunday of the sacrifices made in order for us to live in this beautiful desert. I cannot imagine living all those years ago without air conditioning, scorpions (mothers put the legs of the cribs in water in order for the scorpions not to crawl up into the crib), trying to put crops into this hard desert soil and all the other hardships. We each have our own trials now, but at least we have air conditioning when it is 120 degrees in the middle of July:)

I cannot wait to see the Stake Center be completed!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I made it another year:) Now officially past being the big 40!
The kids cleaned the house and I received the present I had been asking for - a nap!
The door was locked and I napped in peace for 2 hours - pure bliss.
Here is to a great year of being 41 and enjoying my family and the joy they bring me (I know, I forget to add that part of it alot!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Decorations

Here is a picture of the pumpkin that Darin and Dylan created. Walmart had these cool Mr Potatoe Head like decorations that you could put on your pumpkin so that you don't have to carve them! Love it!

Colton's crazy pumpkin decorating. He wanted to have a very unique one.
Camryn's decorations. The great part about putting these decorations on the pumpkins is that you don't have to cut into them. The pumpkins last longer and do not rot as quickly.

The kids are out on October break this whole week so I am trying to come up with something for them to do everyday besides sit in front of the tv. We had a great time with the pumpkins and decorating our cactus with spiderwebs and spiders (you have to be very careful putting those spiderwebs on those cactus:) Nothing says Halloween time in Arizona like a decorated cactus!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Field Trip

Today was Camryn's field trip to Fry's grocery store. I almost did not go as I am so tired from work last night. But she looked so darn cute in her preschool field trip shirt that she had already put on that I could not resist going. Plus, we were out of milk and cereal - what else is new in this house with a teenager and preteens that think they have to eat constantly!!!

I forgot to take the camera but the field trip was so fun. We got to go in the back of the store and see where all the food was shipped in. The kids each picked an apple to eat which they all thought was way cool! We got to see live lobsters and watch them be fed - the kids loved it! We went to the deli and the kids got samples of boneless chicken wings. Then they went to the bakery and watched the baker slice bread and of course got a sample of it. Camryn's favorite part was going in the walk in refrigerator for the milk and us moms peering thru the other side to see them.

The store also had its Halloween decorations up so we got to spend lots of time watching the spooky pirates with their cannon that blew out fake smoke. The animated witch was also a great hit! I have been on this same field trip with all my boys but it always amazes me how much fun we have each time.

Ok, this subject has nothing to do with a field trip but is a fun thing for our family and Darin. We received an email from the local basketball league that they needed 2 more players and the first 2 people to respond to the email would be able to play on a team and the best part - the fee was waived for the sign up!! Whoo hoo - we saved $120 dollars:) I knew there was a reason that I have our email also go to my work owned blackberry as I responded back within 2 minutes (yay me!) Darin is the shortest kid on his team ( he is 11 and will turn 12 in april) but he is the fastest. It is exciting to see him play, learn the rules and sneak around some of the taller players! I am just thankful that only 1 child is playing a sport at this time as opposed to spring when all 4 boys play baseball - and Camryn is already asking to play Tball. I don't know that I can manage all 5 kids playing at one time, getting them to practices, their games and working every other week. We shall see how it all turns out.

In the meantime, I am happy for fun field trips and watching 30 preschoolers just be enthralled with going behind the scenes of the grocery store! And to top it off, it is actually cool here in the mornings in Arizona. The temps have been in the 80's during the day and the 60's during the night. We actually think we are freezing - go figure!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Life is Precious

I had lots of time this week to think about life, how we live it and how we leave it. I was privileged enough to see a man in his last stages of life this weekend. (I know, some people get freaked out about talking about death or seeing death, but it is a natural part of the life cycle!) I had the honor to be there with him for awhile and just sit with him and hold his hand. I did not know him to well so I did not have much to talk with him about. Instead, I used the powerful sense of touch. People need to be touched at any phase in their life, but it seems they need more touch as infants and at the other end of the life cycle.

I have been able to do this for quite a few patients over the last 15 years. It still amazes me that just touching them, rubbing their feet, massaging their hands, caressing their heads, etc. It may seem strange to do this for people, but you would be amazed at how much anxiety and pain this relieves. I used to do this for my babies and still will do it for my kids if they are having nightmares, tough times, or just need an extra hug. I also have to say that I also like being on the receiving end of it! It was great to come home on Sunday and have my eldest son massage my shoulders for no reason. It nearly brought me to tears ( must be hormones!).

This sweet man did pass away with no one at his side ( I was unable to stay as I had other patients to visit and I am not sure where his family was). It made me sad to think that he had to make that journey all alone. I hope to be there for my parents when there time comes ( which better be years and years away!!!) as well as I hope my children (who will be grown by then) will be willing to be with me when my time comes.

Which leads me to say, take the time now to enjoy the precious things and simple things in life. Enjoy being with your family, kids, whomever may be in your life. Enjoy the outdoors (soon here for us AZ people where it is still 100 degrees).
Just enjoy being:)
And Yippee! General Conference is this weekend - another reason to just enjoy life!

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Moon Official Trailer #3 (HD)

Here it is! Cannot wait until November 20:)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Moon

Just in case you forgot, I put the countdown to New Moon on the bottom of my blog! Cannot wait for November!!


Life has just been crazy around here and it does not have anything to do with school starting or work. Sometimes we are given trials that bring us to our knees and makes us question why???
What I have learned from this recent trial is a renewal of my faith in our Heavenly Father and the things that we (and I) have not been doing very well as a family. It is all about going back to the basics that we have learned in primary - read your scriptures, say your prayers, do unto others as you want them to do to you, and prayer again with fasting. I have not fasted in years due to either being pregnant or nursing. But I honestly have not had that excuse for 3 years. It was a definite renewal of faith to fast with a purpose.
It is so easy to get caught up in the cares of the worlds, the panic of the times, Satan's temptations, and listening to that voice that tells you that you are not worth it. Why does it seem so easy to teach my children these lessons but not follow them myself? Do I think that I am any less valuable than they are? At times, yes but then I pull myself back up and realize that little eyes are watching and learning from the example I set. My daughter, who is 4, is sitting on my lap watching me type and wants to know when I am going to send this letter to her best friend:)
Life marches on and we (I) need to realize that we can pull through anything with the love of our Saviour and getting back to the basics of what I have been taught by my goodly parents. Whew, now I feel a nap coming on!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pictures from Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Brandon and I rode to the top of this mountain on horseback. 4 hour ride and a very sore butt!
All the grandchildren on the Fowkes side. In order by height but not necessarily by age.
The whole Fowkes clan (minus Rich who could not get off work). This was taken right after we went to church in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
The very nice condo (timeshare) that my family got to stay in.
The group who actually made the hike to the top of chimney rock. I was not about to carry Camryn the whole way up there!
My boys who made it to the top of Chimney Rock.
Chimney Rock, Colorado.
My son, Brandon, and his cousin Patrick. Could they look anymore enthusiastic??
Dylan at the all you can eat cookout at Astraddle a Saddle. He was one happy boy!
The wagon we rode up in to the cook out.
My dad, Aunt Kim, my son Colton and Patrick on the wagon.
Building a house for their roly poly they caught (this is right outside our back door).
Camryn showing off her roly poly bug.
Brandon and Darin trying to teach Uncle Gerald the finer points of throwing a baseball (like not throwing it to the ground in front of the player:))
Colton and his 2 cousins having fun.
The cool bed that pulled out of the wall to sleep on each night. There was one in each of the condos we had.
The geese that came every night after the golf course was watered. They could have cared less about the golfers that came thru. This was right outside our back door. What a great trip we had!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We had a great time on our vacation to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The only down side was that Rich's boss told him the night before we were due to leave that he could not go. Too much going on at work (he is the controller at Karsten, ASU golf course and they just laid his secretary off) for him to go. We are glad he still has a job but sad he missed out on family fun. Also made for a very long 9 hour car ride with 5 kids ages 14-4. I was holding open my eyes with matchsticks by the end - just kidding!

Pagosa Springs is 40 miles north of Durango and in beautiful country. It was 90 degrees during the day and dropped to the 50's at night. Us Arizonans thought we were freezing to death:) We met my mom and dad, my brother Mike and his wife Kim, and my younger brother Gerald and his wife Becky. The cousins (11 in all) ranged from ages 17 to 4 months old. Just 4 girl cousins, the rest rowdy boys!

Our condo backed onto a golf course and every night a flock of about 50 geese would show up practically at our back door. The kids loved this. There was an indoor pool, workout area, raquetball, miniature golf, swingsets and a jacuzzi that was attached to our unit. Lots of big grassy areas for the kids to play around on. We had a blast!

We spent lots of time with family, went horseback riding, went to an outdoor cookout with awesome food (just ask Dylan how much he ate!), toured Chimney Rock and my 4 boys made it to the top. Camryn wanted to be carried and I was not about to carry her up the side of a mountain. We stayed down below with Grandma, Sydney and baby Ellie. We even attended sacrament meeting at the local ward. Everyone greeted us and I think we doubled their youth population with the grandkids. It really was a small ward but fun to attend.

The older 2 boys played hearts against Grandma and Grandpa whenever they could. Kind of a tradition and my boys do like to beat Grandma! Lots of taunting, dancing and trash talking going on during those games!

Grandpa also taught them how to fish. Darin is the only one who caught any fish (4) but he had to throw them all back as they were too small. But he was very happy that he outshined the grand fisherman ( sorry Dad!)

The boys were happy at the missed the first 2 days at school but they did go last Friday. I will have to do a couple of posts with just pictures, as Brandon helped me take plenty!
Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for getting us all together and for a great time!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gardening Failure

Yes, I am sad to say my so called gardening attempt failed! With prices going up on all the produce we like to buy I thought "why not just plant our own?" I planted chocolate peppers (it produced one and was sooo yummy), banana peppers and tomatoes. I fertilized, I watered, I made sure they had sun. We were so excited as we thought we would have homemade salsa all summer long. Sigh, it did not happen. I would take a picture of the plants now but it is just too sad! They are shriveled up and very brown. I don't know if I planted too late in the season and it was too much sun (June was great here but July has had record breaking temps - 114, etc).
My in laws have a garden and their garden has overproduced. We luckily have been fortunate enough to pick from theirs (yellow squash cooked in olive oil - yummy!) Little tired of the zucchini but I should not complain as it is free.
I am going to have to do some research on how to garden better. I have friends that do box gardening and it seems to work well. I have a perfect spot picked out for the next time I try. It is right next to our citrus trees (which thankfully I have not killed off!) We just have to clear out lots of rocks and make the soil better. However, I think that is going to wait until we are not having record breaking temps and we can actually clear it out without everyone passing out in the process!!! Hmm, that would make for an interesting story - LOL:) Another side note, the amazing tomato planters that hang and your tomatoes grow upside down - did not work!!! I believe those will either be headed for the trash or donated (probably cannot find anyone who would want them). Wish me luck for a better garden in the fall - the beauty of Arizona is that we have a growing season in the fall and winter here:)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not wanting to poop

Ok, the title is NOT about me. Just wanted to clear that up!

My 4 year old has been potty trained for 2 years now. She has suddenly decided that she does not want to poop. She said it hurts too much and is not going to do it. I have tried reasoning with her that since we eat food, that we all have to poop. Well, that totally backfired! For 4 days she would not eat food, only drink fluids. She told me "now I won't have to poop anymore".

My next step was to limit her milk intake and try apple juice. We kept telling her now it would be ok. Can I just say that my laundry has increased and she is still having problems! We have resorted to making her sit on the potty and try and try. She either waits too long and has an accident or screams the whole time she is on the toilet. I am at the point of wanting to pull my hair out and scream (which I know will not make it any better).

What do I do? She starts back to preschool in a few weeks. I have told her she will have to wear a diaper and she does not want that. She tells me she is a big girl. I will have to say I find it interesting (and at times exhausting) the different trials that my children put me through. Who would have thought this would be the trial for now:)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kit Allen

Just in case you were wondering what the new thing I added to the side of my blog, it is an artwork store (hope I am getting this right!) created by an old friend Kit Allen. We grew up together during our teen years and his parents were my seminary teachers throughout all of my early morning seminary. Awesome teachers!!
Kit is an art teacher and has created a line called Kit's Kids. From what he has said, some of them were made into greeting cards that were in certain Target test stores. He also writes children's books and you can find him at and type in his name to bring up the books.
It is so fun to reconnect with old friends (via facebook) and see what fun things they have been up to. So give his site a look and see what wonderful creations he has drawn and books he has written.

I have a 14 year old?!

I cannot believe I have a 14 year old! He was born July 9, 1995 and was our first baby. In my mind I still think of him as the baby even though he is taller than me, wears bigger shoes than me (and I have big feet!), sounds like a man with his deep voice that has magically changed, and is now officially a teacher at church. It just seems like yesterday we were at the hospital and excitedly waiting the birth. My water broke with him and no contractions! I was induced and 10 hours later (with a lovely epidural) he was born. He had peach fuzz on his head and 2 dimples:) My heart just melted when I finally was able to see him. He was born at 9:30 pm and I stayed up all night at the hospital playing with him.

He has been a great big brother and a great example to his siblings. There are times they fight and times he can drive me nutty (oh the teenage years) but he is such fun too. He took photography this past year at junior high and loved it. The eggs and goggles was an assignment he had (not too sure what it was). We also have other really cool pictures that he took and developed in the darkroom. One of my favorites that is hanging on the wall is a candid shot of the younger kids jumping on the trampoline. He caught them mid jump and with huge smiles on their faces. He is my go to person for any picture that needs to be taken as his turn out better than mine. He is on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout (in about a year) and faithfully attends his scout meetings. The best part about having a 14 year old is no more babysitters! Now Rich and I can go out on a date without coordinating a babysitter. I am sure this will change as he becomes older and has more of a social life, but for now we are taking advantage of the babysitting.
I can't wait to see what the future holds for him. Someone told me that 14 is a hard year for teens and I am hoping that is not true:) He also is officially a freshman at school even though they still attend the jr high here. This is also the year that he can start seminary. I had early morning back in VA so I am a little jealous that he gets to sleep in and have it as a part of his school day.
Happy 14th birthday, Brandon!!!