Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We had a great time on our vacation to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The only down side was that Rich's boss told him the night before we were due to leave that he could not go. Too much going on at work (he is the controller at Karsten, ASU golf course and they just laid his secretary off) for him to go. We are glad he still has a job but sad he missed out on family fun. Also made for a very long 9 hour car ride with 5 kids ages 14-4. I was holding open my eyes with matchsticks by the end - just kidding!

Pagosa Springs is 40 miles north of Durango and in beautiful country. It was 90 degrees during the day and dropped to the 50's at night. Us Arizonans thought we were freezing to death:) We met my mom and dad, my brother Mike and his wife Kim, and my younger brother Gerald and his wife Becky. The cousins (11 in all) ranged from ages 17 to 4 months old. Just 4 girl cousins, the rest rowdy boys!

Our condo backed onto a golf course and every night a flock of about 50 geese would show up practically at our back door. The kids loved this. There was an indoor pool, workout area, raquetball, miniature golf, swingsets and a jacuzzi that was attached to our unit. Lots of big grassy areas for the kids to play around on. We had a blast!

We spent lots of time with family, went horseback riding, went to an outdoor cookout with awesome food (just ask Dylan how much he ate!), toured Chimney Rock and my 4 boys made it to the top. Camryn wanted to be carried and I was not about to carry her up the side of a mountain. We stayed down below with Grandma, Sydney and baby Ellie. We even attended sacrament meeting at the local ward. Everyone greeted us and I think we doubled their youth population with the grandkids. It really was a small ward but fun to attend.

The older 2 boys played hearts against Grandma and Grandpa whenever they could. Kind of a tradition and my boys do like to beat Grandma! Lots of taunting, dancing and trash talking going on during those games!

Grandpa also taught them how to fish. Darin is the only one who caught any fish (4) but he had to throw them all back as they were too small. But he was very happy that he outshined the grand fisherman ( sorry Dad!)

The boys were happy at the missed the first 2 days at school but they did go last Friday. I will have to do a couple of posts with just pictures, as Brandon helped me take plenty!
Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for getting us all together and for a great time!!