Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ok, so I was a bad mom and did not take any Halloween pictures. We did have lots of fun over the 3 day celebration of Halloween. The elementary kids had their parties at school. Lots of cute things came home with them - crafts and different stuff. Poor Camryn started throwing up Friday night (McDonalds just loves us:) She chose to be sick to her stomach right after eating her happy meal. We made as far as the front of the bathroom door before it all came out. We are talking walls, floor and bathroom door (although the cashier kept getting our order wrong and then he had to clean up the mess - felt sorry for him but also a little vindictive - not a good thing!) Saturday night was our Ward trunk or treat and carnival and the kids had a great time. They were overloaded with candy.
We decided to take the kids out trick or treating on Sunday just around the block. We went as a family and called it Family Home Evening. It counts - right?? We were all together and having fun.
November is going to be a busy month. I get to go to Utah as a birthday present (short 3 day trip). The week after that I volunteered to be the camp nurse for my 5th graders Outdoor Science School in Payson, AZ. It is a very fun experience for the kids and I get a whole cabin to myself to relax in when no one is sick or injured. I love taking a book up there to read, sit out on the front porch of the cabin and escape into the reading. I also can follow my son's group around and see all the fun things he is doing, like cave studies, animal tracks, fossil dig, hot shot firefighters, team building exercises and so many other fun things.
Then the next week is Thanksgiving. This November will be busy but lots of fun:)