Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Camryn's first day of preschool

Camryn started her first day at Mrs. Billings preschool. All of the boys (except Brandon) have been to her school. She has been excited all morning and had her backpack filled with toys to take to school. I had a hard time getting her to take most of them out and to try and just take one to school. We ended up with 4 my little ponies in the backpack and she promised she would only put 1 in the show and tell bucket!! I had to convince her to stand by the door so I could take her picture-she wanted in right now:-) I finally got my picture and then she opened the door and pushed 2 little boys out of the way so she could get in. Can you tell she is used to having older brothers around? Brandon said he hopes she does not get in a fight with anyone. I don't think she will as she does very well at nursery at church. She feels like she is just as old as the rest of the family. The boys were not too excited to have to go back to school after Labor day vacation. They enjoyed lazing around the house yesterday and then having wrestling fights and then being lazy again. Our house is full of constant noise and ongoings-we love it (most of the time!)