Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dancing Nicki

I just had to post this picture (with permission of his parents). Nick is Dylan's best friend since kindergarten and is always goofing around and is also quite the ladies man. Yesterday he came out of Colton and Camryn's room with this tutu on. He had me rolling on the floor in laughter!! Only Nick would do this! You can't read his t-shirt as it says "Someday I will be your boss!" He has a 4 year old brother, Cameron, who says he is marrying my Camyrn. Unfortunately, Camryn has stated that she is marrying Nicki (much to Nicki's delight-haha). Already a love triangle and these kids have not even made it past 8. This has all made me laugh. Side note-Dylan and Nick are dog cousin's as Snowball the underwear eating dog is Jake's (Nick's maltese's) brother. Cracks me up they decided they are dog cousin's. What will these two think of next:)