Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rise and Shout!!!

I have a sister-in-law who loves college football. She finds it hilarious that BYU is being compared to USC. The same was always said when I attended BYU. I went to school there when Ty Detmer was the quarterback and it was also the first time Miami came to play. Miami was ranked # 1 at the time and no one thought we could beat them. Rich and I were dating then and he and all his friends had season tickets. We lucked out for this first game because we had tickets on the second row on the 50 yard line. BYU tromped Miami and we were the first ones over the fence and onto the field, screaming, yelling and doing a victory dance:) Those football games are some of my favorite memories. All I have to say is BYU has pulled it off before and they can do it again! Last year, we took an RV trip to Utah (whole other story) and stopped at BYU to see our favorite places and show them to our kids. They were doing maintenace work on the football field so we actually got into the stadium and the kids had fun running around. Go Cougars!