Friday, September 12, 2008

There were 25 guppies

Dreading having Darin come home from school today. Yesterday our little princess dumped half a can of pink goldfish food in the fish tank. Our friends the Nussbaums had given us one pregnant guppy and from that one we were blessed (haha) with 24 more (not all at the same time). I did not catch she did this for awhile so when I did I finally vacuumed out the fish food with my fish tank vacuum and then replaced the water and chemicals. Then when Darin went to bed the guppies started dropping like flies. We now have 6 guppies and 4 newborns. Thank goodness Darin is such in a hurry every morning to get to school that he did not notice.....when he does my never ending headache is going to explode between him screaming and Camryn screaming. Can I come hide at your house:) Seriously!!!!


nicole September 15, 2008 at 6:29 AM  

You can come hide at my house anytime....just get yourself a plane ticket!!! :)
Yeah, I haven't really gotten into the Twlight series. My mom, sis, & Taylor have been reading them. I have no interest reading about a love story w/ a vampire. I also never got into Harry Potter either. I guess i'm abnormal!!!

I was reading your post about the heat. I kinda don't miss that anymore. I guess I've really started to enjoy fall weather. However, the snow and ice I could do without!!