Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ok, I did not know that trying to run and push a stroller was going to be so hard! I am not a coordinated person-I need my arms to run:) So Camryn and I settled on a brisk walk around our neighborhood. She kept asking me when we were going to to run and I just kept walking. We got to see many pretty bushes in bloom with pink and purple flowers. It was only 80 degrees and just perfect for a walk. I think that if I am going to try to run it is going to have to be at night when the my husband and the older boys are home so I can actually be coordinated! This is also a great day as Camryn goes to preschool and I think I will take a nice nap:) See, I told you I could write something more positive. I am definetely not going to write about my weekend at work as that will make me cry -it was horrible. But I have this whole week off to recover and walk.


nicole September 23, 2008 at 6:38 PM  

sorry to hear that the run didn't work out well, but hey a brisk walk is better than nothing!!!
I'm not good @ running w/ a jogger stroller either, too bulky and heavy!
I just recently bought a new pair of running shoes to. The goal is to train for a 10k this spring with a friend of mine. She just had a baby (ended up w/ a c-section) so when she's back in the groove we're gonna start. We figured we would need LOTS of time to train!!!
If we lived closer, we could be running/walking buddies!!! :)