Saturday, August 30, 2008


What a long day! Spent time cleaning the bathrooms (yuck with 4 boys) and working my hospice triage job from home. Brandon made me feel good when he said "You must be supermom-taking phone calls, making lunch, cleaning and controlling the littlest princess". Little does he know this is just multitasking, a gift mothers have:-) Glad to have Rich home from work today and he took all the kids swimming. Soon it will be too cold to swim so gotta get all the time in the pool we can. Have to put a shout out to Michelle Devine's blogspot "1 day at a time". Ordered a really cool tshirt and can't wait to see it. Michelle, you rock!! Seriously, for all you crafters take a look at her blog and store. Awesome. Now time for bed as we have the 8 am session for church which means waking up early and getting all 5 kids ready without a fight-haha!