Friday, September 26, 2008


My 3 year old has kept me busy today with dancing. A new season of Dancing with the Stars is on and most of us like to watch it. The Jonas Brothers were on Wednesday night so we Tivo'ed it and I have had to watch it multiple times today. Camryn has now memorized the girls dancing at the end of the song and has memorized the song! Now that Colton is home he is begging to watch it too as he likes to dance like the boys. Both keep yelling "watch me, mommy" and they seem to know if I am really watching or just saying uh huh (like I tend to do by the tenth time). I like the song "Lovebug" but I think I can do without it until tomorrow!!! We are going to put up Halloween decorations tomorrow in hopes that the weather will listen and finally drop below 100 degrees-we can always wish, can't we?! Come on 90 degrees!!! My mom called and had to say it was snowing at the resort they were staying at in Utah. I will just have to imagine those beautiful snowflakes coming down when I am sweating on my morning walk (gave up on the running with the stroller:)).