Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Most people think runescape is a crappy internet game but lets see you play that without getting satisfaction of chasing Hill Giants and owning them while lower level people struggle to fight level 22 skeletons. I have been playing for a little bit now and I am a level 56. My brother (Darin) just started this game and is only level 32 (and that is much thanks to my help as i have been all around the world of runescape). Darin would not be half as good as he is now because i have been showing him what is worth money and what to get rid of. My friend Brandon Clark also plays runescape and he is not as good as me but he is a moderator which means that he gets 100,000 gold peices if someone breaks the rules, he is now currently at 40,000,000 gold peices (he gets a lot of his stuff without work but i actually have to put effort into it.) Suprisingly this is a good way to make money in real life just make a strong guy and tons of people buy files on ebay!!!!!!!!- Brandon