Friday, September 19, 2008

Teenage boys

I am totally bummed. I went to the Old Navy website and it is under construction indefinetely. Brandon hit yet another growth spurt and needs more clothes and their clearance is always the best! And even better, I would not have to drive in this heat to go the store and waste more gas and money driving. Oh well, guess he will have to keep laundering his shorts every other day:) I also love how he sprung on me last night that he has a campout tonight!!!! The only way we found out was that our bishop and Stake President are trying to visit families and get to know them. It was fun as our Stake President talked about going on a service project to Rowanda, Africa with his whole family and his parents. He talked about his favorite animal, the gorilla, and he and his 2 boys and dad actually went on a tour with a native and were just feet away from these humongous creatures. His point of the story, besides being scared to death when he got home because his two sons said they could not understand the guide's instructions, was that we always have a guide to look to -our bishop. As they were leaving our house, the bishop said "so are you ready for tomorrow Brandon?" Rich and I both looked at Brandon and he sheepishly said "oh yeah-forgot to tell you I have a campout tomorrow and mom I need a dinner to take." Teenage boys:)