Monday, September 22, 2008


I am going to start running tomorrow-that is right-running!!! Don't laugh:) I figure it is cheaper than going to a gym and in the mornings it is only in the high 70's to low 80's here in sunny AZ. Now I might get hit by a car, break a leg (I am so clumsy) or with my luck trip and fall. But at least all the bigger kids will be at school and only Camryn will be at home so she won't laugh at me:) The last time I ran (besides to catch a child from running into the street or running out of a store) was in high school when I played soccer. That was 20 years ago!!! I bought some really cool running shoes that are supposed to be cushiony for us fatter people. I just loved when the sales person said that-I could have punched him! Oh well, he is young and is never going to have to be pregnant 5 times. I always had the excuse of being pregnant or just having a baby so that is why I could keep on the extra pounds. But unfortunately, my metabolism has slowed as I have aged so I have to do something besides housework, work, blog and read. By the way, I just read all the Twilight books again and still cannot wait for the movie! I hope the movie lives up to my expectations. Wish me luck as my goal is to run for the first time tomorrow morning. I will probably only make it around the block:)