Sunday, September 28, 2008


Why do all the bad things have to happen on Sunday morning while we are getting ready for 8 am church?! I was combing thru my 8 year old's hair and I found a bug!!! At first I thought "ok, this cannot be what I think this is". He does not share combs, hats, has not had a sleepover,etc. He has not even scratched his head!!!! So I slowly started combing thru his hair and screaming for my husband to get in the bathroom now. Sure enough it is the much dreaded head lice!!!! We have already been thru this once before with my 3 year old daughter last summer after our RV trip to Utah (she got it from the RV we rented). So I picked them all out and then called my 10 year old in as he and Dylan share a room. I did not see anything on his head or the other kids but now they all have to be treated, all the pillows, linens, stuffed animals washed in hot water and then on top of it I have to call the school nurse tomorrow to check the whole 3rd grade's classes for head lice. What fun for her and what a joyous phone call for me. I talked to some of the other parent's at church and they said it seems to be going around the school with a vengance. Joy of joys!! At least I got to go to church and Rich stayed home to treat the middle boys hair. Then someone at church mentioned they read an article in the newspaper about superlice? I am a nurse and have never heard of such a thing. Guess I will be googling it later after the 3 other kids get treated and all the bedding is washed!! Happy washing-not:(


Kelli September 28, 2008 at 10:06 PM  

I had one child that seemed to be lice-prone. She always got it and no one else did (not nicole!!) Been there, done that. I feel for you!

Kelli September 28, 2008 at 10:08 PM  

Sorry...i didn't finish my thought (senior moment). I have heard that the lice are becoming resistant to the over-the-counter stuff. Perhaps that is the superlice. Good luck.