Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pioneer Heritage

We are finally getting a new Stake Center after sharing with our old stake for the past 2 years. There was a ground breaking ceremony yesterday that was attended by over 1000 members (and that is just from our wards in our small stake boundaries!) At the youth conference this past summer, all the youth were able to write their testimonies on a tablet. This tablet is going to be the cornerstone of one of the buildings on the grounds. Brandon was able to go to this youth conference (he was able to attend even though he not quite yet turned 14). How exciting that his testimony will forever be a part of this Stake Center!!

One of the neatest parts of where the Stake Center is has to do with Arizona's pioneer heritage. Many parts of Arizona were settled by Mormons (one of them is my husband's great great grandfather, John D Lee). Right by where the driveway is going to be (I think I have this part right!) is where the pioneers crossed when coming to settle Mesa. It will be a reminder every Sunday of the sacrifices made in order for us to live in this beautiful desert. I cannot imagine living all those years ago without air conditioning, scorpions (mothers put the legs of the cribs in water in order for the scorpions not to crawl up into the crib), trying to put crops into this hard desert soil and all the other hardships. We each have our own trials now, but at least we have air conditioning when it is 120 degrees in the middle of July:)

I cannot wait to see the Stake Center be completed!