Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Preschool Christmas Program

Camryn is my youngest child and the last one to attend Mrs. Billing's preschool. My oldest did not attend as a group of mothers did Mommy School. A dear friend told me about Mrs. Billing's preschool for my next child, Darin. All of the rest of my kids have attended her preschool.

Every year she puts on a Christmas program with the children. So fun to watch them perform the Christmas story and sing songs. I did not get a video camera until last year, so unfortunately I was not able to video tape the others.

Camryn played Mary this year and she loved it! She also is the redheaded girl singing in the christmas songs. She is like her older brother, Darin, and likes to perform and ham it up for any video opportunity. Now if that particular talent could only earn them some money........then Rich and I could retire:)

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