Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Phoenix Zoo

Today we went to the Phoenix Zoo for Veteran's day (the kids were out of school). And wouldn't you know it? My camera battery went dead and I think all of Phoenix was at the Zoo!! I have not seen that many people there except for Boo at the Zoo or Zoolights. It was crazy.

We took Brandon's friend, Daniel, and Dylan's friend, Carter, along with my 5 kids. I now have a feeling what my friend, Mary, with 10 kids must go thru for each outing she goes on! I was continually counting heads and trying to make sure that Dylan and Carter did not get lost. Those 2 had a tendency to hang out at every exhibit until I had to physically go back and get them. At least they had fun and were actually reading about the animals:)

There was a new exhibit called the Komodo Dragon exhibit. They were awesome!! I would not want to run into one of those in the wild. They inhabit a small island close to Australia and New Zealand (as well as a bunch of little islands that I cannot remember). My son did try to take a video of them, so hopefully that will turn out.

Hope everyone had a great Veteran's Day and thanks to all those who served or who are now serving in our armed forces:)