Thursday, October 8, 2009

Field Trip

Today was Camryn's field trip to Fry's grocery store. I almost did not go as I am so tired from work last night. But she looked so darn cute in her preschool field trip shirt that she had already put on that I could not resist going. Plus, we were out of milk and cereal - what else is new in this house with a teenager and preteens that think they have to eat constantly!!!

I forgot to take the camera but the field trip was so fun. We got to go in the back of the store and see where all the food was shipped in. The kids each picked an apple to eat which they all thought was way cool! We got to see live lobsters and watch them be fed - the kids loved it! We went to the deli and the kids got samples of boneless chicken wings. Then they went to the bakery and watched the baker slice bread and of course got a sample of it. Camryn's favorite part was going in the walk in refrigerator for the milk and us moms peering thru the other side to see them.

The store also had its Halloween decorations up so we got to spend lots of time watching the spooky pirates with their cannon that blew out fake smoke. The animated witch was also a great hit! I have been on this same field trip with all my boys but it always amazes me how much fun we have each time.

Ok, this subject has nothing to do with a field trip but is a fun thing for our family and Darin. We received an email from the local basketball league that they needed 2 more players and the first 2 people to respond to the email would be able to play on a team and the best part - the fee was waived for the sign up!! Whoo hoo - we saved $120 dollars:) I knew there was a reason that I have our email also go to my work owned blackberry as I responded back within 2 minutes (yay me!) Darin is the shortest kid on his team ( he is 11 and will turn 12 in april) but he is the fastest. It is exciting to see him play, learn the rules and sneak around some of the taller players! I am just thankful that only 1 child is playing a sport at this time as opposed to spring when all 4 boys play baseball - and Camryn is already asking to play Tball. I don't know that I can manage all 5 kids playing at one time, getting them to practices, their games and working every other week. We shall see how it all turns out.

In the meantime, I am happy for fun field trips and watching 30 preschoolers just be enthralled with going behind the scenes of the grocery store! And to top it off, it is actually cool here in the mornings in Arizona. The temps have been in the 80's during the day and the 60's during the night. We actually think we are freezing - go figure!!