Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pictures from Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Brandon and I rode to the top of this mountain on horseback. 4 hour ride and a very sore butt!
All the grandchildren on the Fowkes side. In order by height but not necessarily by age.
The whole Fowkes clan (minus Rich who could not get off work). This was taken right after we went to church in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
The very nice condo (timeshare) that my family got to stay in.
The group who actually made the hike to the top of chimney rock. I was not about to carry Camryn the whole way up there!
My boys who made it to the top of Chimney Rock.
Chimney Rock, Colorado.
My son, Brandon, and his cousin Patrick. Could they look anymore enthusiastic??
Dylan at the all you can eat cookout at Astraddle a Saddle. He was one happy boy!
The wagon we rode up in to the cook out.
My dad, Aunt Kim, my son Colton and Patrick on the wagon.
Building a house for their roly poly they caught (this is right outside our back door).
Camryn showing off her roly poly bug.
Brandon and Darin trying to teach Uncle Gerald the finer points of throwing a baseball (like not throwing it to the ground in front of the player:))
Colton and his 2 cousins having fun.
The cool bed that pulled out of the wall to sleep on each night. There was one in each of the condos we had.
The geese that came every night after the golf course was watered. They could have cared less about the golfers that came thru. This was right outside our back door. What a great trip we had!!