Saturday, December 12, 2009

4 year old dance recital

Is there anything cuter than watching a group of 3-4 year olds dance in their recital? I am very blessed to have a great friend that runs Miss Beverly's dance loft out of her house. She has a master's in dance and still currently performs with a group called Conder (which I believe is a mixture of modern dance, ballet and movement - in other words I need to go watch Bev perform!! She has the patience of a saint with her classes and the girls learn so much for her. She has been a sweetheart and let me exchange helping sewing with the costumes in exchange for the lessons- I love having great friends!! I also have to say that she has had 4 kids (oldest is 12 and youngest is 4) and she looks like she never had them!

Hard here to tell who my daughter is. When the group finally sits in line on the floor, she is the one who spins around first. She also has a bun in the back of her head - not on top. The whole group is just so much fun to watch!!