Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot

Our elementary school holds a Turkey Trot the day before Thanksgiving. The parents are encouraged to come trot around the field with their children. I am now on my fourth child participating. I went to the elementary school 3 seperate times to make sure that I was there for each of the 3 children I have that are participating (Brandon is a freshman so I suppose Turkey Trots are above them:))

It was such fun to watch the teachers, parents and siblings run after the turkey (not real, our friend Bill, dressed up in a turkey suit). Although it would have been kind of funny to watch them run after a real turkey..........or maybe not! Dylan (9) ran 2 times around the field and was outlapped by his teacher. Darin (11) ran once around and then decided to walk ( I think it has something to do with being in 6th grade and the cool factor). Colton (6) ran all 3 times around the field (3/4 of a mile) without breaking a sweat!! And don't ask what was up with his hair - he somehow snuck out of the house without one of his parents combing it! Camryn and I - well let's just say Colton outdid us.