Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where Jesus Lost his Sandle

Rich and I are both still at work today....sigh. Not good on a sunday! I had to deliver supplies to a few patients and decided the kids had to go with me. They don't need to sit around watching TV, playing video games, etc while Brandon is babysitting.
We first went to my office-it was trick or treating for them all over again! I have a key so I can get in anytime. Everyone's desk had candy bowls on it. I just let the kids have at it. Guess I better leave a note to everyone why their candy bowls are empty and my kids pockets are full:)
We then had to drive to a place called Goodyear, Arizona. My nurse partner always refers to going out here to Goodyear as "Where Jesus lost his Sandle." I always wondered what the heck she meant when she said that. Well, today I found out!
You first drive and drive and drive somemore. Then you get off of I-10 and go south towards the mountains. Yes, I live in a desert but we are sourrounded by awesome mountain ranges! Get the best of both worlds. So we headed towards the mountains and kept driving some more. By this time it was cactus, sand and not much else. I finally understood Maria's reference:) It was beautiful scenery and the kids were surprisingly well behaved (shock after all that sugar). They had fun looking out the windows and looking at all the beautiful scenery. We then arrived at Goodyear, dropped off the supplies, and drove back to civilization. Hoping that it will be a looong time before I have to drive out there again!


Mom of The Fields Five January 12, 2009 at 3:01 AM  

You are cracking me up! I could not figure out where you went when you posted that on your FB page. Now I understand. I am glad that your journey turned out so well with the kids. What an appropriate day to have to travel to "Where Jesus Lost his Sandle"!