Friday, January 30, 2009

Facebook Reunion

Let me start out by saying that I stole the title from my good friend, Mary. Gotta give credit where credit is due, and she is more creative than I am:)

I did not even know what Facebook was until my brother, Gerald, and his family came to visit us over the summer. He was on the computer quite a bit and I got nosy (as big sisters do). I saw he was on something called Facebook. At first, all I could think of was MySpace and how much I did not like it or want my kids around it. Gerald explained the whole Facebook thing to me and it piqued my interest. After they had left (and I got to use my computer again -haha) I decided to check it out. I liked the idea you had to invite someone to see your page or accept them to be your friend. I know, sounds a little cheesy and high schoolish doesn't it? I mean the whole "accept them as your friend".

I have had such fun reconnecting with friends from high school and their parents!! I grew up in Virginia and there was not alot of Mormons in my high school or area. As a result, we Mormon kids became good friends and had lots of fun activities together. All of our parents were involved with letting us have parties at our house, mutual activities and firesides. What great memories I have of those friends and parents. It is such fun to "see" them now and Facebook and catch up with them. I especially enjoy the parents of my friends who are on there. They had a positive influence on me growing up (as well as my own family) and many of them were bishops, young womens teachers, camp directors, etc. It is fun for me to see pictures of them now and let them see my family. I even found out that one family and friend lives here in Mesa, a few miles from my house!! We have both lived here for 6 years and have not run into each other at all. Amazing! Now if I could just get my parents on Facebook but so far they have said no......will have to keep trying.

I have also reconnected with friends that were not a member of the church but that I remember as being friendly and fun at high school. A few have become members of the church and I hope that I set a good example for them and not a bad one. One in particular (you know who you are cutie!) has 10 kids now, is a member of the church and has the most amazing family and testimony. She is a strong woman and is setting the example now with her family and herself for others who do not have the gospel in their lives. She is carrying on the work in Virginia and I love the fact that she is willing to share her testimony and family on Facebook.

I also have people from my ward on my friends list. It is fun to see their thoughts and "chat" with them. Now I just have to quit spending so much time looking at it and doing housework - yuck!!


Mom of The Fields Five February 1, 2009 at 11:41 AM  

I am one of those happy people who have been reunited with so many friends, especially my dear! We have a long history of much fun together and parties.....Loved those parties! So, glad we have found each other once again! Lots of hugs!