Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

I even dressed up this year. Camryn asked what I was and I said "The Queen". She loved that! Colton made me feel so good because he said "mommy, you look so pretty." What a sweetheart for saying that:)

Brandon is a ninja/Naruto man. He went to a friend's house for a halloween party and had a blast! I got to meet the 2 girls who keep texting him-he has been reminded no dating until 16!

Of course, Camryn had to be the princess:) I made the dress last year-a little short this year but it still fit. She was so funny as after going to 4 houses she declared her bucket too heavy so Mom had to carry it.

Dylan is a Ninja. He loves to be a Ninja every year! This is the first year I let him go trick or treating with a group of friends and no parents. He did great and had a blast!

This is Colton doing his Spiderman pose. He loved this costume and declared today was the best day ever!

Rich had to work so he did not get to wear his vampire costume. I would have posted a picture of Darin but he was so excited to go trick or treating with his friends that he took off before I could capture him-the turkey! We had a great time trick or treating and as usual, we have a ton of candy! I love our neighborhood, our friends and our ward members as they all helped to make this a great Halloween for our family. The kids all crashed as soon as we got home-the sugar rush wore off quickly! Now, it is time to get ready for Thanksgiving.


Mary November 1, 2008 at 5:18 PM  

I love all the costumes! It looks like you all had a good time. How cool of you to dress up too. :) That will inspire me next year!