Monday, October 13, 2008

Still for Sale

Our not so little Maltese, Snowball, is still up for sale according to my husband and older son. I had to post these 2 things as they have just made me laugh even though the little underwear eater should know better by now:)
We took Colton and Camryn for a walk on Saturday as it was only 70 degrees here-that is amazing!! We went from 90 degree weather on Friday to a high of 70 on Saturday. The weather is crazy here at times. We took Snowball with us and he was a dirty mess when we got home. My husband offered to give him a bath (well, it was either give him a bath or write Dylan's talk for primary-and of course I chose the talk). That was a 2 hour chore:) That night we were sleeping and I always let Snowball sleep on the end of the bed. My husband got up early Sunday morning and came out of the bathroom not too happy. He asked if I had let the dog up on the bed at night-I said of course I did. Well, it seems the little underwear eating dog decided to take his revenge for his bath. He actually chewed on my husband's underwear while he was asleep!!! Cannot believe he slept thru that:)
This morning Brandon was playing with Snowball before school. He happened to have his very artistic book report in his hand. You guessed it-Snowball grabbed the report out of his hand and ran under my bed. The report is due today!!! We only found a corner of the top of the report. Brandon and I searched the whole house and we cannot find the rest of the report. I told Brandon "you will have to tell the teacher the dog ate your homework." Brandon said "seriously mom, the teacher is going to think I am lying!" So I wrote the teacher a long note and had Brandon take the part of his report we could find. I also emailed the teacher. First time I have ever had to excuse one of my kids from an assignment with the real reason being "the dog ate my homework!" My dear friend in Virginia needs a puppy for her kids-I wonder how much it costs to send a dog in the mail:)


mary October 13, 2008 at 2:12 PM  

NO, WE DO NOT NEED A PUPPY!!!!! Especially one that eats underwear! :)