Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Michael Douglas Perry

I had the opportunity to learn alot about this cousin yesterday at his funeral. So many wonderful stories, relatives to hug, and tears to shed. He was born in 1962 and was the oldest of 4 children. His sister told stories of him rigging her science projects for her, being a father figure to the kids (parents were divorced when he was 9), and a memorable story of him saying he was the electrical god and putting up a ceiling fan without turning off the electricity:) His friend was there to say she still has burn marks on the ceiling.
His baby brother, Merrit, told stories of always helping Michael make any car become bigger, faster and better. He also said that when Michael was first starting up his company, he would send Merrit up into the attic (where it would be 130 degrees) and would shout up at him from below which wire to hook up to which place. Meanwhile, Michael would be down with the homeowner drinking lemonade and bossing his baby brother around. They were currently in the process of powering up Merrit's trans am-he has a whole bunch of high tech parts at his brothers shop-unfortuantely Michael passed away with Merrit's car all in pieces as the were getting ready the next week to put it back together.
We also heard of all the charity work he and his best friend, a dentist who passed on with him, did for the poor in Mexico. Michael would fly down there with him and assist his best friend with root canals, tooth extractions, etc. We also found out his dentist friend let him perform a few with his assistance. Aunt Virginia did not let this be brought out at the funeral, thank goodness! Instead, it was shared as cousins were all standing around, talking and bringing up memories.The saddest part was watching his little 3 year old Brynn and my daughter, Camryn throwing roses into the open grave and saying "goodbye Daddy." Neither girl knew what they were saying as they are too little to comprehend, plus the fact Camyrn's daddy was standing right across from her. When Rich and I went home, we gathered our children around us and thanked Heavenly Father that he has granted us the time to still be here on earth as a family together. I do not know how our whole extended family would have gotten thru this past week without the knowledge that there is a life after death and that Michael's family will be reunited with him once again. It would be so hard without having that testimony of God's eternal plan for families.


mary October 21, 2008 at 11:05 AM  

What a testimony for your family and for others of the true gospel. This knowledge really does help us get through the trials of mortality, doesn't it? I loved this post. Hugs to you and your family!

Kayla Perry March 1, 2013 at 11:25 PM  

Thank you so much for writing this. Sometimes I try to remember what all was said at the funeral, but it was such a tough day that it is hard to recall everything. Now I can look back and read all those fun stories about my Dad. I know I have not met you, but thank you again for this post.

~Kayla (Michael's oldest)