Monday, October 27, 2008

My Boys

When will they ever learn that mom knows all that is going on? I heard the vacuum tumble over and trust me, I heard Darin, the loudest screamer ever known to mankind, let his feelings be known when he was lassoed by his big brother. I love all the Indiana Jones movies but I did not buy the last one just so my 4 boys could learn rope tricks:)
I had the privilege of meeting the funniest patient on Saturday. She has 2 boys and is from England. She has chronic lung problems and has a different sense of humor. As she said, some people just don't get it! I got her sense of humor and had fun listening to her tell stories about doctors, hospitals and her kids. She told one story when her kids were young and they were getting into some sort of trouble. She had her head cocked at a funny angle and her boys asked her what the heck she was doing. She told them "Don't you know, us mums come with eyes in the back of our heads so we know what you little buggers are doing!" I thought that was a classic. I went home and told my boys about it. I don't know if they believed me but I will have to try the head cock on them to let them know I am watching:)