Monday, November 17, 2008


I know people wonder why I like the Jonas Brothers so much. After all, I am 40 and not a teenager:) But I like them because they write their own songs and keep them clean. Who else sings about modesty being hard to find in our world today? Certainly not Britney Spears!

I finally saw the video for Lovebug the other day and I actually cried when I saw it. It is set during the time period of WW2. Many of my patients that I see lived through or actually served in this war. It let me see what life was like during that time period. Life seemed so simple back then. No internet, no cell phones, no chatting online with friends (which I like to do), and not many television shows. The TV programs actually stopped at midnight and there was just static!! No 24 hour CNN, Discovery Channel or Disney Channel. It was a time period when friends gathered together and actually talked face to face. Wow-imagine that:)

My favorite part of the video is the very beginning with the 2 sweet granddaughters reaching over their Grandpa's head while he is sleeping for the photo albums. Grandma is in the kitchen smiling at them. When my Grandma Cowley was still alive, I loved going to her house during college. I always got out the photo albums to look at pictures of my mom and her family. I would always ask my Grandma for stories of my mom as a young girl and Grandma was always happy to tell me about them. She would also tell me about her 3 boys, my uncles, and how they fought and wrestled in the house. I can honestly say I know how she must have felt now that I have 4 boys of my own. She always told me how happy she was when my mom was born as she finally had her baby girl. And again, I know how she must have felt as my baby girl was at the end. How I wish she was still alive so that she could see my beautiful baby girl (what she always called my mom).


Mom of E-Squared November 21, 2008 at 6:27 PM  

I my grandparents live through WW2 also. I'm glad we have the modern tech to help us now a days but their are times when I would love the simpler life. My Grandmother used to tell me stories of how she and my grandfather met at a USO Dance and how she said to her friends that the guy that just walked in the door was the guy she was going to marry, She didn't even know his name yet. I love old stories I should write down the ones I remember from my grandparents that I still remember.

rich and steph November 24, 2008 at 8:45 PM  

I love the fact that your grandma saw your Grandpa and said "that is it-he is the one!" At least she did not get the heckling you did from your dad:)