Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Look at these 2 go!!! They love to help Mommy clean and I will always take whatever help I can get. They did use the whole bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles-was my tub that dirty?
Of course they had to cheese it up for the photo. Colton also loves to rinse off and clean off the dishes. He has become as good as his Grandma Fowkes-and she is a great dish rinser. It is funny that the older kids spend more time complaining and whining then it would actually take them to complete the chore. We try to tell them that but it has not sunk into their brains yet. We decided to write a Family Mission statement on Family Home Evening night-the mission statement was written but after much complaining from the upper 3-can we say Family Fight Night!! Someday they will appreciate all this. In the meantime I will continue to accept any help I can get from the children with cleaning.