Thursday, November 6, 2008

A day at the DeWitt Family Farm

Camryn's preschool had the opportunity to go to the DeWitt family farm in Lehi, AZ which happens to be 5 minutes from our house. Colton came also as he was sick the day before so I kept him home from school. He also attended Mrs. Billing's Preschool for 2 years before beginning kindergarten this year. The pictures were taken with my cell phone so not the best quality! That is Colton on the nice slow horse who wanted to stop and eat every 2 seconds as I lead him around the barn.

This is Camryn learning about the difference between flop earred bunnies and bunnies. The farm has baby bunnies for Easter-the kids have already been told no!

We had to hold the bunnies like babies and be very careful with them. As you can see, I cut off half of Camryn's face!

Here is one of 30 chickens on the farm. Colton did not enjoy the smell at all-he kept telling me "it smells so yucky".

Camryn's horse was named El Dorado. He did not like to go slow!! He kept nudging me in the rear end with his head the entire time I led him around the barn. I would purposefully walk slower and he kept nudging me harder! I swear I have a bruise from leading a few kids around the barn with this horse.

Singing the ever famous "5 fat turkey's are we" song. The best part was the goat who was right behind us, bleating louder as the children sang louder-funny old goat:)

This 40 pound turkey has won many contests at fairs and other shows. He has also won many gobbling contests. They showed us how to gobble like a turkey and this one responded right back at us! I can see why he won. The kids just loved it-the turkey eventually got tired of showing off and went inside the barn.

We also got to go on a hayride and milk a goat. We then had the pleasure (yuck!!!) of drinking fresh goat's milk. Mrs. Billing's put me on the spot and said "Sis. Rhoton would love to try the fresh goat's milk" so I had to try it. It was very sweet at first but then had the most horrible after taste...ugg. Camryn liked it and thought it was cool that she had just milked it from the goat. We did have a fun day. Next year I will have to remember to bring my real camera and not the cell phone!