Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crazy Drivers

I grew up learning to drive in Dale City, Virginia. At that time, we were just a small (relatively speaking) suburb off of I95. Like people said, Dale City was a like a faucet. You turn it on in the morning and everyone leaves and the faucet goes off. You turn it back on at night and everyone comes back home after another days work. It has grown now and I don't think I would just call it a suburb. Anyway, learning to drive there meant learning to drive in lots of traffic. Navigating the I95 for the first time as a driver was scary. People did not slow down to let you yield in, you just had to go for it!!

I now like in Mesa, Arizona and the Phoenix Metro area has become very big in the last 15 years. I was headed out to see a patient tonight in the town of Sun City. This is actually a retirement town and is age restricted. I was driving along the 101 and minding my business of driving. For once, I was not talking on the phone or texting on my blackberry (both very bad habits). I was paying very close attention and I believe I was because the Spirit whispered to me to pay extra attention to my driving tonight. I am not a crazy driver but can get distracted. This time I kept hearing the still small voice saying "pay close attention."

I am so glad I did because if I did not I would either be very badly hurt or have gone to see Heavenly Father tonight (which that is ok too but I still want to be around for my kids). I was driving in the middle lane of the freeway when some whacky lady pulled right in front of me from the left lane. She clipped the front of my van but continued on her way off the exit!!! She never slowed down, turned to see why there was a loud noise or anything. She was young looking so it cannot be blamed on the Snowbirds here. Thankfully, there was no other cars next to me so I was able to swerve a little, put on my brakes and manage to get the car driving in a straight line again. Thankfully the car behind me was not tailgating and was far enough back that he was able to put on his brakes. Believe it or not, no other car was hit, the flow of traffic was not interrupted and thankfully my van was not upside down!!

I pulled over, got out one of the baseball bats and pulled the wheel cover out so I could still drive. I was supposed to be at a patient's house at 5 pm but was a little late. They were very understanding and helped this poor tear stained nurse into their house. They managed to calm me down (I was there to admit their mom to hospice services) and we went on with the admit. I was told I needed to file a police report as I need to get the car fixed. I did not call on the freeway as I was late to the appointment.

So tomorrow I and my 5 kids are going to drive down to the Phoenix Police Station to file a report on a hit and run. I know the lady will not get caught and I don't really care about that. I am just so thankful I listened to that still small voice or there woudl have been a different outcome tonight. I am hoping by taking the 5 kids with me that I will get in and out of the police station fast:) Lesson learned to pull over and call the highway patrol immediately or else you have to go to the highway patrol headquarters:) Sigh....what a fun spring break for the kids!


E-squared's Mom March 18, 2009 at 7:09 AM  

Steph, I'm sorry your van was hurt but luckily you where not, this should be a lesson to always listen to the still small voice.

I too learned to drive in the Dale City area, with the wonderful I95. the day that I got my learners my dad made me drive on I95. It started to rain and remember the truck weight station not far from the dale city exit. well it started raining I didn't know how to turn on the wipers and then all these truckers flying by me trying to get the weight station. I was a nervous rec, but I'm glad I learned up there, because my hubby will not drive in that area and when ever we go up to the temple I have to drive.

Mary March 19, 2009 at 7:26 PM  

So glad you are ok and no one got hurt. Good luck with the police!

rich and steph March 21, 2009 at 9:30 PM  

The police man was the sweetest man and very understanding. I know it was just wasted paper for him as there is no chance of catching her. But he took the time to help me and at least get the report filed properly so I can now call my insurance.