Friday, March 6, 2009

Baseball Season has Begun

Baseball season has officially begun for those of us that live in AZ. I have 4 boys playing this year and Rich is coaching. These pictures are old as we don't have uniforms yet to take pictures for this year.

Brandon is playing in the juniors league, Darin and Dylan are playing in the Minors league (on the same team thank goodness) and Rich is coaching their team again. Colton is almost 6 and is starting his first season in T-Ball. His best friend, Cameron Nussbaum, is on his team. Colton is so excited as he has been waiting to play for the last couple of years. It is going to be so much fun watching these little ones play!

This also means it is a crazy time in our household, trying to get them all to practices, games, etc. Brandon's team is practicing at his Jr High school so at least he can ride his bike there. Darin and Dylan get to go with Rich to their practice. I am going to have to work out a carpool for Colton!! The season means that we will be having ball games every night except for Sunday and Monday. We pretty much bring picnic dinners to the games. Camryn will be my only little one running around at the games. It is still nice weather so we are not dying of heat stroke during the games!! I love to watch the games and the boys always laugh at me as I am a very vocal and cheering mom (ok, sometimes they get mad at my loudness.) I just cannot help myself from jumping and screaming at a good play or a good hit. That is just the kind of mom I am at sports games my kids play in - loud!! Brandon has so enjoyed me attending his basketball games and yelling my loudest (haha). So I am now resting my voice so that I am ready for the cheering to begin for my 4 baseball players:) Bring it on!


Mel March 6, 2009 at 10:31 AM  

Your boys are so cute. love the pictures!

Tink March 10, 2009 at 3:33 PM  

Wow! When baseball season begins it is craziness! My daughter plays softball and between 2 practices a week and 2 games a week, it is a madhouse getting to everything. I'm amazed that you are doing it with 4 boys! How do you do it? You live, breath, and eat baseball! That's amazing.