Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

My baby boy is finished with kindergarten. They had a wonderful program. I was either laughing or crying. Oh the singing voices!! They were so enthusiastic and so proud. I was running around trying to get the best angle to shoot this. Camyn kept sitting on my lap so it is a little bumpy! As soon as I download the pictures I will post them. Colton was crying after we took a picture with Mrs. Kolodony. Heavenly Father blessed us by putting him in the best class for him. She is full of life and sings and just brought out the best in him. She is being moved to 2nd grade so Colton may get her again in a year!! I love that she is just a kind, gentle person and mom. My mom got to meet her and see her classroom and she agreed she was a great teacher (and my mom worked at an elementary school for 15 years as a bookkeeper - Mom, remember to turn off the music so you can hear the singing:))

Colton is in the top row, the 7th from the left. He has on a green shirt and the girl next to him has very blonde pigtails and no hat. He told everyone that he is going to be an artist when he grows up and I believe him. I always buy him notebooks I find on sale to draw on and for a 6 year old, they are great pictures. Colton, congratulations and we are so proud of you for doing your best in kindergarten!


Mary May 27, 2009 at 3:10 PM  

Kindergarten is truly the best age! I love it.... I cry every time too when they do their end-of-the-year program.