Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boys clean room

I was in shock yesterday. My middle 2 boys room has been a mess and I have kept getting after them. They did a quick clean a week ago for a sleepover (that meant I could at least see the floor:))

Yesterday I heard happy voices and kids getting along. That itself made me happy but I decided to go see what was up. They were deep cleaning their room!!!! I had not even asked them or nagged them. They even put away all the game cube games in their cases. They next asked me to sit there while they cleaned out under their bed. I was the catcher:)

Rich and I have praised them endlessly for this and for doing a great act of service for me. The best comment was "We did this last summer when Grandma and Grandpa Fowkes were here. I bet this will shock Grandpa to hear we did this ourselves!" Dad, hope you are still standing after reading this :D