Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Darin is 11!!!!!

This is my second child, Darin. He is 11 today!!! He was my biggest baby and now is my skinniest preteen. How I love this boy. As a baby, he was chunky and always laughing. He is 3 years behind Brandon. Brandon was so happy to have a sibling but was a little disappointed that he did not come out ready to play. In fact his exact words "All he does is cry, cry and then he poops". Classic!!
Darin is also one very smart kid. He taught himself to read in kindergarten. He read a short book to me and I thought he had it memorized. So I went and got another easy reading book and he read it!! I was shocked and just a little embarrassed that I was not the one to help him. He currently is in the 5th grade and reading and testing at a 9th grade level. I love that as I love to read and am glad he does too. Now if we can just get those fractions in his head.....
He was my fastest labor and delivery. I worked the whole day and then came home with back pain. Did not think too much of it as I thought this cannot be labor. My first child was induced so I had no clue what the beginning of labor felt like. After about an hour the contractions were getting closer. Rich's parents had just called us up and invited us out to eat. We were pretty poor then so I was not about to pass up free food - heck no! So we went out to eat and I just kept having contractions:) But I was nice and full. Finally Rich and his sisters said enough was enough and that I better get to the hospital. So we left Brandon with Grandma and off we went. I got to the hospital and was dilated to a 7!! Darin made his appearance 2 hours later after no epidural and just Stadol. Note to self, I never did that again!!! It hurt like heck and was not worth the pain (at least not for me). Plus they had to use forceps because I was not pushing but just screaming:) I will get a slide show up of Darin, as the kids love to have one of them. I am so glad he is in our family and cannot believe he is 11!


Mary April 30, 2009 at 8:26 PM  

What a sweet post for your beautiful boy! :) Hope his birthday was spectacular for him!

Tink May 6, 2009 at 1:09 PM  

I can't believe you made it to a 7 without blinking an eye!!! No fair! Happy birthday Darin!