Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine Baby

What could be a better Valentine's day gift than a newborn baby? Dylan Austin Rhoton was born 02/14/2000. Both Rich and I wanted a millenium baby as we thought we would never forget his age!!

Dylan was blessed to come into a family of 2 older brothers. I had a miscarriage right before him and even at 11 weeks, the doctor could tell something was wrong with the baby and that the baby would not live after birth. Heavenly Father let me know that it was ok (even though having a miscarriage was devastating and even though Darin was only 6 months old at the time) that I would get pregnant again soon and that this sweet spirit wanted a body that would live longer than a few minutes after birth. He has been fiesty ever since.

I was so excited to go to the ultrasound. Rich and I had bets on whether it would be a boy or girl. After already having 2 boys, I of course said girl! The deal was that whoever was right got to name the baby. As soon as we found out it was a boy, Rich immediately said his name was Dylan. I chose the spelling since Rich can't spell anyway (love ya honey!).

I bled early on but thank goodness that was resolved quickly. At 30 weeks, I started to go into labor. This was the first baby I was put on bedrest with and given that yucky, but necessary, drug terbutaline. I stayed on bedrest until 36 weeks. He was born 3 weeks early on Valentine's Day 2000 at 2:14 pm. Had another wonderful epidural with him and the birth went great. He was the first baby I was able to push out by myself (whole other story). He stayed with me the first night, but by the second day was in the NICU for ABO incompatibility, which turned him jaundiced. This was the first baby to have this. He had to stay for 3 nights in the NICU under the bilirubin lights. I am so thankful for modern medicine as if he did not have this treatment, he would be mentally challenged.

He was a joy to have in our home and the older 2 boys loved him. Darin had no jealousy issues and in fact, I had to buy him a baby doll as he wanted to nurse his baby too - how cute!! He did get ear infections early on and frequently, but by the time he was 2 they stopped being so severe. He still gets them from time to time, but has never had tubes.

He gave us a scare at 9 months old as he had a black tarry stool diaper. That means bleeding internally higher up in the GI tract. I took the diaper and the child to his Dr. that day and it tested positive for blood. I was one worried mom! He had xrays, blood work, stool samples and nuclear medicine studies. None of them turned up conclusive as to why he was bleeding. At night sometimes, he would just curl up into pain and I would just hold him and rock him. He also had plenty of priesthood blessings. One day, he pooped out a shiny metal ball bearing. It was the cleanest one you have ever seen! To this day, he has never had any GI problems again. I am just amazed that it never showed up on all the tests he had.

He has always been my loving child to me. I get constant hugs, kisses and I love you's every day. He tries his best at school and overcame not being able to read in kindergarten to being one of the top readers in his class in 3 grade. He loves to play baseball, video games, jump on the trampoline and play with his best friend since 4, Nick Nussbaum. Those 2 crack me up as they call themselves dog cousins as we have matching maltese dogs that are brothers.

Dylan loves to eat and thinks he has to eat every 2 hours. He had my dad convinced he was going to be a health inspector (because he could eat for free!!) until my dad told him that does not alway mean eating the best food. He has since decided to be a food critic and he is already trying it out at home, despite my pleas to have him stop! He told Rich and I one day he was going to own a restaurant and that is would be fancy. I told him "good, then your mom and dad can eat for free." That little turkey said "Oh no, but you can have a 10% discount." I about fell out of my chair!! The Grandparents get a 20% discount as they are senior citizens. What a generous boy!

It was a beautiful day to watch him be baptized by his dad last year and being given the gift of the Holy Ghost. There are times when I can see this power working in his life and it makes a mom proud:) We are blessed to have him in our family and I love seeing him grow and make good decisions thus far.

Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day Dylan Austin Rhoton! We love you:)